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Our Mission

For over 73 years the purpose of the Madison County Conservation District has been to provide leadership for the conservation of Madison County’s natural resources; enhance sustainable, profitable agriculture; while improving the quality of life and the economic future for the citizens of Madison County.

Our Vision

The Madison County Conservation District believes that information about conservation issues is vital to the well-being of the community and its resources. It is implicitly recognized that information and education are support activities that are elemental to the successful attainment of our goals. The principles driving the Madison County Conservation District are to; hold the trust of the public. Projects are pursued and completed in an accountable manner, using the most economical methods. Partnerships are formed between individuals and organizations and the Madison County Conservation District. Technical support is provided using the best methods available. The district stays current with development that assists in its ongoing commitment to its mission.

Our Philosophy

To provide locally led leadership, to encourage, promote and inform through education, the conservation of natural resources. The Madison County Conservation District is also charged with assisting land owners and land managers in practicing good natural resources stewardship and conservation for the long term benefit of the people by using monitoring, partnerships, staffing resources and the taxpayer’s money as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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District Board


The role of the Board of Supervisors of the Madison County Conservation District is to manage the fiscal and legal aspects of the District; to be responsible for the staffing and personnel employed at the Madison County Conservation District, to facilitate the development of policies governing the District and to determine the goals and the mission of the Madison County Conservation District. The Board of Supervisors is also responsible for the public relations within the district, and gives direction to the staff. Locally elected District Supervisors address local needs through a responsible conservation ethic.