The conservation district continues to educate schools about the importance of conservation of natural resources. We have staff available for activities such as career days, or outdoor classrooms.

Land Judging

The district sponsors high school students to test their knowledge by judging soils. Participants mark individual scorecards for evaluation of soil characteristics and how they relate to farming, pasture management, and home site construction. The skills the teen use at the contest involve principles that can be valuable in career fields like environmental and agricultural management, natural resources conservation, home building, engineering and construction.


The Kentucky Envirothon Program has been in existence since 1999. During that time, students in the ninth through 12th grades have competed in this problem-solving event. Even though the event is competitive, education is the bottom line. With the support of natural resource professionals, students are trained in the ways that real life environmental problems are solved.  

Each team that competes in the Envirothon has five students. These teams are tested on their knowledge of Kentucky’s natural resources at five “in the field” test stations, each covering a separate topic addressing soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics and a current environmental issue. Through hands-on experiments, analysis and use of critical thinking skills, the teams answer a set of questions at each station.The event works much like an athletic competition with the regional winners advancing to the state competition, and the state winners advancing to the international North American Envirothon. The Envirothon encourages constantly changing curricula and helps to build ties between schools, organizations and communities in preparing students for competition.


Two times a year we accept applications to provide scholarships to students entering their first year in college and also those currently enrolled in college who are interested in agriculture, conservation or related natural resources fields.

Conservation Camp

Conservation camp is an experience that allows youth to develop skills and confidence that will last a lifetime. Hands-on activities include: wildlife identification, archery, boating and canoeing, outdoor survival, firearm safety, fishing and casting, and swimming. The district sponsors campers from the community allowing them basic, safe instruction of outdoor activities and skills related to our natural resources.

Community Involvement

Native Pollinators

Discover the insect wildlife sharing our urban and rural spaces! Visit our pollinator habitats and see what benefits it could bring to your property.

WhiteHall County Park                   Camp Catalpa

Union City County Park