State Cost Share

The Kentucky Soil Erosion and Water Quality Cost Share Program was created to help agricultural operations protect the soil and water resources of Kentucky and to implement their agriculture water quality plans. The program helps landowners address existing soil erosion, water quality and other environmental problems associated with their farming or woodland operation.

County Agricultural Investment Program (CAIP)

CAIP provides farmers with incentives to allow them to improve and diversity their current production practices. CAIP covers a wide variety of agricultural enterprises in its investment areas including: ag diversification, large animal, small animal, farm infrastructure, fencing & on-farm water, forage & grain improvement, on-farm energy, poultry & other fowl, technology & leadership, and value added marketing.




Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)

The EQIP is a voluntary program that provides financial and technical assistance to agricultural producers through contracts up to a maximum term of ten years in length. These contracts provide financial assistance to help plan and implement conservation practices that address natural resources concerns and for opportunities to improve soil, water, plant, animal, air and related resources on agricultural land and non-industrial private forestland. In addition, a purpose of EQIP is to help producers meet Federal, State, Tribal and local environmental regulations.

Fallen Animal Livestock Removal

Improper disposal of animal carcasses can contaminate drinking water sources or spread disease. The conservation district supports the county’s Fallen Animal Removal Program. Animals are picked up in Madison County free of charge by the county road department. The animals are then deposited in an approved landfill. The conservation district obtains $15,000 in grant funds yearly to assist the Madison County Fiscal Court in this program.

Pasture Renovation

No-till seeding of pasture and hayland improves quality of forages and reduces nitrogen needs when incorporating legumes, while reducing soil erosion. Any landowner using no-till seeders from Bevins Equipment or Madison County Farm Bureau to renovate pasture or hayland in Madison County can apply for and obtain reimbursement of $3/A.

Local Cost Share Initiatives

Raised Beds/Rain Barrels

The district provides cost share to assist Madison County gardeners construct raised beds and/or rain barrels. The program uses best management practices to promote wise resource management of both soil and water, while encouraging quality food production in a limited area. Use of raised beds also allows persons with reduced mobility to produce homegrown vegetables and fruits.

Soil Health Cover Crop

The soil health cover crop program uses a combination of diverse cover crops to improve soil health, which is the capacity of the soil to function. Participants agree to seed a diverse cover crop per conservation district soil quality/cover crop program worksheet. This diverse crop for the fall cover crop includes cereal rye, crimson clover, Austrian winter pea, and daikon raidsh. The summer cover crop includes pearl millet, proso millet, sudan, radish, soybean, cowpea, sunflower and corn.

Gateway Heavy Use Area

This program helps farmers with the necessary means to repair gateways to reduce degradation, soil erosion, and pollution.