Technical Services

Conservation Planning

The goal of a conservation plan is to identify and address natural resource concerns on agricultural land, such as gully erosion, excess nutrients, and sediment runoff. Addressing resource concerns around your property benefits your local streams, creeks and rivers.

The plan itself is a record of the farm operator and/or landowner’s decisions as to how these concerns should be addressed.

Agriculture Water Quality

The Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Act was enacted by the 1994 General Assembly. This law guides the state’s agriculture/silviculture industry in its continuing efforts to address environmental issues associated with its activities.

This plan is an effort to produce a practical, flexible, coordinated natural resources management system that protects the waters of the Commonwealth and complies with applicable government rules and regulations.

Agriculture Water Quality Planning Tool

The following link contains a planning tool to be used by landowners to assess their operation and identify best management practices to be included in their individual plan. After identifying the best management practices, landowners/land users implement these practices on their land. Assistance to implement the plan can be obtained by contacting our office.


Erosion and Sediment Control

The conservation district provides education, technical assistance and site inspection to aid in minimizing soil erosion and the resulting sediment pollution to the waters of the Commonwealth.